Welcome to NTC Services AS

Our business is based on vendor representation within the IT and Telcom sector for the Norwegian and Nordic market.

All our resources have 10-25 years experience within these business sectors. Our goal is that this experience will be beneficial for both our vendors and local customers, creating a growth basis for sound business in a small market compared with other regions.

None of our products are sold directly, only through appropriate channel partners. 

Our technical department is continously being updated on our products through traing and certification, enabling us to utilize these resources in
presales-, installation- and service activities.

NTC Services

Our best resources

Our service department is organized in NTC Services AS. We have since 2005 delivered a wide specter of services, from turn key data centers to preventive maintenance.

We have long experience and close relations to our vendors in addition to a good overview of what is being offered to the Norwegian market.

Our goal is to optimize the customers solutions, even though this may result in use of products other than from our "own" vendors.

We exclusively work through channel partners, something which gives us a unique combination customer knowledge and solution optimisation.