SafeXain - ny blockchain basert platform for sikker transaksjon av dokumenter


Løsning for sikker transaksjon av elektroniske dokumenter

FlexVPC slipper i disse dager, februar 2018, sitt nye produkt SafeXain som sikrer elektroniske transaksjoner av dokumenter.

SafeXain demo

SafeXain = ID Security + Data and Documents shared under one single platform + + Blockchain Security + Instantly shared + Secure transaction.

What is SafeXain? Platform to enable execute Smart Contracts, manage Data and documentation instantly and securely, under Blockchain.

Main Features:


  • Highly Secure: Prevents Fraud.

  • Implies both / multiple parties recognition as true document.

  • Instant: all parties see the same document (if authorized) in real time.

  • Full Traceability: record of events associated to a contract / transaction.

  • Unalterable and unhackable.

  • Flexible: adaptable to any process and workflow.

  • Open: can be connected to any Enterprise ERP, CRM software applications and DB