SMSEagle 8-port Modem Pool


SMSEagle 8-port Modem Pool som øker SMS kapasiteten på sending og mottak av meldinger.

8-port modem pool device is a product that ha been developed as an extension to market proven SMSEagle NXS Rev.2 family.
The modem pool allows to increase SMS sending/receiving capability by adding 8 parallel 3G modems to your SMSEagle NXS Rev.2
-family device. This opens a wide range of new application fields, like SMS campaigns, SMS advertisement, corporate SMS
communication, SMS bulk, etc. SMSEagle recognized a need for a high throughput device. That’s why we've added 8-Modem Pool.
It allows for NXS hardware to boost it's throughput eightfold, to up to 160 SMS/Minute. This makes it ideal for applications in:

- Mobile marketing campaigns
- Sending Corporate SMS Information
- Sending News and feedback
- Crew/fleet management
- Mass schedule reminders
- and more

For pricing and availability call +47 66 75 86 46